Wood Ant

I have managed to finish two pieces since my last blog, that is fast work for me!

The first piece was of a wood and (later named Alexei) based on a photo I took in Wentwood Forest. Here is the original:

Wood ant original

I had been experimenting with some macro filters and I loved the colours of the ant’s body. Here is the embroidered work:

Wood Ant
Hand embroidered wood ant

I know that ants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they aren’t as mysterious as spiders, or as lovable as bees but if you look up close there is beauty in everything. The way the light is reflected in its eye, the delicate antennae, the way each leg is made up of so many separate joints. It is so easy to take the little things for granted but sometimes it pays to stop and really look.

My second piece was based on a photo I took of a grass snake at Magor Marsh. I will write about this in a separate blog as there is much to say…